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AtlantisMOTO is an intelligent security and alarm system, with GPS locator and siren, which alerts you on your mobile phone.

In addition, it can also protect you in the event of a fall and automatically notify whoever you want via a message that works from any country in the world.

AtlantisMOTO is not a quick installation system. It requires an installation that safely hides the device on the bike, to be effective and go unnoticed in the event of a disconnection or theft attempt. In the event of theft of your motorbike, time is against you, so a well concealed system will save you time. Our recommendation is that it is installed by a professional, to ensure that it will work perfectly and will not be removed from the bike quickly.

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The system has 4 main alarms, which you can activate all at the same time or combine them according to your needs:

  • Movement alarm
  • Battery disconnection alarm
  • Security zone exist alarm.
  • Inhibitor detection alarm (only available in AtlantisMOTO MAX).

You have up to 23 more functions you can check them all here:

Funcionalidades AtlantisMOTO

It does not require a remote control or activate anything from the App. The operation is as simple as removing the ignition from your bike (either key or button), when the ignition is turned off, the system will activate in Alarm Mode automatically, after a time that you can define. From that moment on, the system will warn you of any alarm that may occur.

To disconnect it, you must activate the ignition on your motorbike. Once contact is detected, the system will deactivate the alarm mode.

NO, you choose how you want the siren to act when a movement is detected, it can do it in two ways:

  • Automatic activation: The siren is activated (and stops automatically) and you receive a warning on your mobile phone (only available in AtlantisMOTO MAX).
  • Silent: You are alerted on your mobile phone, but nothing sounds on the bike.

In addition, you have one more function:

  • Manual activation: From your mobile phone and wherever you are (requires GSM coverage) you can activate the siren manually. This will deter theft or help you locate the bike when you can’t see it.

It communicates with you through an App. This free to use app is called AtlantisMOTO and you will need to install it on your phone. It is available for Apple and Android SmartPhones.

When your AtlantisMOTO detects an alarm, it will send you a notification immediately. You don’t need to have the app open or in the background to receive the notification. And you can authorize them to sound in Do Not Disturb modes (Modes and routines on Android, Focus modes on iOS).

You can also choose the sound of the notification for each type of alarm (for example: a siren), so only by the sound you will know what happens to your motorcycle quickly.

You can download the App from the following links:

AtlantisMOTO systems are designed for use on motorbikes, so they have ultra-low power consumption.

In addition, with AtlantisMOTO MAX, you have 0 power consumption, which does not use the motorbike’s battery to power itself while the motorbike is stationary.

Yes, AtlantisMOTO systems have an internal backup battery. This battery provides them with power to continue working without the need to be connected to the motorbike’s battery.

The duration of this battery varies depending on the device, but with its level charged to 100% it offers location and alarms for at least 48 hours.

The AtlantisMOTO fall detection system is a mechanical sensor that, when it detects an inclination when the bike is in motion, generates a warning to the main user and to the designated person or persons of trust via SMS.

This sensor is always included in the AtlantisMOTO MAX PLUS Pack. If you have an AtlantisMOTO MAX system and did not purchase this sensor at the time, you can also buy it as an accessory afterwards and connect it to your AtlantisMOTO MAX system. It’s never too late to think about your protection.

See frequently asked questions about the fall detection system.

All AtlantisMOTO devices come with an official and mandatory ECE warranty from Atlantis IT for 36 months. This warranty is 3 years for all systems purchased on or after 1 January 2022. AtlantisMOTO devices purchased before 1 January 2022 have 24 months official warranty.


AtlantisMOTO communicates with you through an App where you receive all the warnings and alarms.

This free application is called AtlantisMOTO and you will need to install it on your phone. It is available for Apple and Android SmartPhones.

You can download the App from the following links:

The AtlantisMOTO App has different functionalities that inform you about the status of your motorbike, security and also social:

  • Warning of alarms and unauthorised movements.
  • Automatic and manual real-time location.
  • Battery level control and warning.
  • Configurable speed limit alert.
  • Configurable zone entry or exit warning.
  • Automatic recording of your routes.
  • Route consultation.
  • Download GPX or KML files of your routes.

Yes, because having the application updated will give you new functions and constant improvements. AtlantisMOTO develops and designs its products in Spain. As we are the developers of the solution and we are always in contact with our biker users, we make regular updates and product improvements.

These updates, which are free of charge, in addition to adding compatibility and corrections, add new functions, which extend the experience and improve the product.

Thanks to this work policy, our systems do not become obsolete in a short time, since AtlantisMOTO was released in 2013, we have made multiple updates and improvements. Many of them thanks to the community.

You can assign the person or persons who, in case of fall detection, will receive an SMS message automatically as follows:

  1. Log in to the App with the User data of your AtlantisMOTO account.
  2. Go to “Profile“.
  3. In the “MY CIRCLE” section, tap on the “MY CIRCLE” button to add the new recipient (or recipients) of the notification (or notifications) generated by your AtlantisMOTO.
  4. Tap on the “+” symbol at the top right to access your address book. The first time you log in you may be asked for permission for the App to access the phonebook.
  5. Choose which phone number(s) will receive the notification(s) you select in the next step.
  6. Once you have selected the contact phone number of the new recipient, a new screen will open to select which notifications they should receive.
  7. To select which notification/s you want the new recipient to receive, click on the notification/s you want the new recipient to receive from “MY CIRCLE”.
  8. Close the window by clicking on the X.
  9. From this moment on, the new receiver of “MY CIRCLE” will receive the selected notification/s via SMS.

To delete the notification/s of a receiver, enter “MY CIRCLE” and click on the activated notifications to deactivate them. If the recipient of the notification(s) is left unchecked, the recipient will be deleted.

If you can’t access the AtlantisMOTO App because you have been logged out and you don’t remember your access data (username or password):

Recover password in the AtlantisMOTO App


AtlantisMOTO systems include an annual subscription which, in addition to including the connection and a SIM card, offers a series of exclusive advantages to our users.

AtlantisMOTO devices work with a SIM that is already included with your purchase. In addition, all AtlantisMOTO packs include the first 12 months of Europa connection free of charge. They are ready to be installed and working from the first moment. Discover our packs:

AtlantisMOTO Packs

We use the world’s most widespread network connection, the GSM network, with data connection. Thanks to this international data connection (Internet) you can do so in any country in the world where this network is available. In addition, it has multi-operator technology, so it can connect to the network that is available wherever your motorbike is, thus offering maximum coverage, and therefore, maximum security.

You can check the coverage on this map:

SIM coverage map

Yes, you can change your coverage area depending on where you are during your trip. For example, if you are travelling to Morocco, you can switch from Europe to Morocco and back to Europe again.

No, there is no charge for changing coverage. When you switch, the remainder of your subscription is automatically recalculated.

Yes, it works in Andorra.

Contact us if you need more information about the connection:


AtlantisMOTO offers an annual subscription at a price of 39 per year for Europe coverage and €49.90 per year for Global Z1 coverage.

In addition, this subscription offers other benefits:

  • Unlimited internet data usage for your AtlantisMOTO, no surprises.
  • Technical support, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Preparation of documentation for certificates: legal claims where you need the location, insurance certificates, etc.
  • Full access to all the functionalities (they vary depending on the AtlantisMOTO device installed) and updates of the AtlantisMOTO App designed exclusively for bikers.
  • Access to exclusive promotions in the new “Social” section.

No permanence, you renew year by year.

More information about the subscription and the advantages it offers:

Advantages of being a member of AtlantisMOTO

NO, it has no permanence. Renewal is done annually.

The renewal is done from the AtlantisMOTO App. Go to the “Settings” section and click on the “Renew” button, you will be redirected to the webshop, where you can purchase your 12 month subscription.

Your AtlantisMOTO system will warn you through several notifications when the time to renew is approaching so that your bike is not left unprotected. The first one will reach you one month before the deactivation of the subscription. You can do it at any time, the remaining time will be added to the renewal time.

Your AtlantisMOTO system will not be able to warn you in case of an alarm and your motorbike will be totally unprotected.

If your AtlantisMOTO runs out of subscription, you will not be able to communicate with it and it will remain configured with the last programming it has. You have 12 months to renew before the line is definitively cancelled. In case of cancellation, the SIM card will have to be replaced.

If the subscription has expired, the renewal can take up to 48 hours to be reactivated, so don’t leave it for another time, it’s better to be on the safe side.

In case you plan to leave your AtlantisMOTO without subscription, remember to leave the system functions deactivated, to avoid false alarms or situations where you cannot control your AtlantisMOTO system due to lack of connection.

Do you have any other questions that do not appear here?

At Atlantis IT we have been working for more than 20 years in vehicle tracking systems. As you will have seen, AtlantisMOTO is much more than an alarm, but it doesn’t end here, we want it to keep growing and improving day by day.

We try to provide you with all the information so that everything is clear… But if not, you can send us your questions and/or suggestions and we will add it to this list so that other users like you, who have the same doubt, can solve it.

Greetings rider! 🏍💨💨✌

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