Only if it is Atlantis MOTO, it is like Atlantis MOTO

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Alarms and real-time
GPS location

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Share and discover

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Control Total
Wherever you are y
when you need it

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Do you want to keep your motorbike under control and safe at all times?

With Atlantis MOTO you can. You will always be connected to your motorbike and you will receive alarms on your mobile phone (or from the mobile phone where you install the App) automatically if someone moves it. With 23 functions controllable from your phone.
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This changes everything.
A new way
to experience your motorbike

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that if anything happens to your bike, you’ll be the first to know.

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Having your motorbike under control
and connected to you,
is just the beginning.

Your Atlantis MOTO will provide you with new and innovative features that are useful for your motorcycling life. All controlled from your mobile phone

Designed for your bike

There are so many bikers like motorbikes, so you can choose and set up your Atlantis MOTO system to your taste. Do you want to have a siren? Add this accessory to your AtlantisMOTO device and so dissuade a possible theft.

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You are the most important part of your bike

Share your position in real time with whomever you want, or add a drop sensor that will automatically alert whomever you decide in case something goes wrong. Every second counts.

Your data is safe

The information in our databases is protected through secure and restricted access. All data is stored on secure servers located in Europe, complying with the European RGPD regulations on data privacy.

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Always in constant evolution

If you think that Atlantis MOTO is “just” an alarm with GPS tracker, you will discover that it is not, it is much more, and it grows and improves with every free update we release. With a whole community behind it to discover new routes and share experiences.

Fully personalised support and assistance

You can contact us through any of the communication channels we offer. We will be pleased to attend you personally.

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Find out which is your AtlantisMOTO.


Alarm functions moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Unauthorised movement alarm
Alarm for disconnection of your motorbike battery
Internal security battery
Security zone exit alarm
Jammer detection alarm
Automatic siren activation on motion detection
Automatic programmable tracking
0 consumption of your motorbike battery
APP functionalities moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Automatic and manual real-time localisation
Battery level monitoring
Battery level warning
Configurable speed limit alert
Configurable zone entry or exit warning
Driver safety moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Warning by activation of Drop Sensor
Automatic notification to your trusted group
Manual siren activation
Real-time position sharing
Guide to your bike
Social and Community Functions moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Consultation of your trips
Automatic recording of your routes
Downloading GPX or KML files of your routes
Sharing routes in the App
Group sharing of your position in real time
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Designed for everyday motorcyclists


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Because you are looking for maximum performance

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Added safety for the pilot

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We are part of

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cataluña mobile
Comerç Inoblidable- fundació Pascual Maragall


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With the support of

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