For those who choose the ultimate in motorbike safety

Enjoy the Atlantis MOTO MAX experience!

The most complete and configurable alarm and GPS tracking system for motorbikes on the market. Because you want maximum performance.

MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE for the most demanding customers

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An application
that will give you the maximum

The Atlantis MOTO app turns your Atlantis Moto MAX device into much more than a GPS tracked motorbike alarm. You can set it all up, whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Route recording

Enjoy your route, your Atlantis Moto MAX always records it.

Share your position

Going out on your own is now optional. You choose.

Create your Atlantis Moto CLUB

View the positions of the other bikes in your group in real time when you need to.

Share your life on a motorbike

Discover or create routes within a 100x100 biker community.

This is just the beginning

Your AtlantisMOTO application grows and adds new features and functionality with every free update.

Do you want MAX?

Elevate your Atlantis Moto MAX to the highest performance by adding these accessories.

Maximum in everything

motos aparcadas atlantis moto 800

GPS receiver with maximum sensitivity, offering the highest location accuracy. 0 consumption of your motorbike’s battery. Intelligent recharge control to offer you the maximum battery saving of your motorbike. Maximum configuration to keep your bike under control at all times, if someone moves it, you will be alerted.

Maximum connection
is maximum security

With Atlantis Moto MAX you will always be connected to your bike. Thanks to its multi-operator SIM, which offers maximum coverage in the worst situations, even where others can’t reach. Total control from the palm of your hand anywhere in the world. Global coverage.

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I want it

Intelligent alarm and siren system with GPS tracker.

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I want it

In the event of a fall, it will automatically alert whoever you want with your exact GPS location.
Every second counts.


Alarm functions moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Unauthorised movement alarm
Alarm for disconnection of your motorbike battery
Internal security battery
Security zone exit alarm
Jammer detection alarm
Automatic siren activation on motion detection
Automatic programmable tracking
0 consumption of your motorbike battery
APP functionalities moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Automatic and manual real-time localisation
Battery level monitoring
Battery level warning
Configurable speed limit alert
Configurable zone entry or exit warning
Driver safety moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Warning by activation of Drop Sensor
Automatic notification to your trusted group
Manual siren activation
Real-time position sharing
Guide to your bike
Social and Community Functions moto-go-centrado.png motomax-centrado.png moto max plus
Consultation of your trips
Automatic recording of your routes
Downloading GPX or KML files of your routes
Sharing routes in the App
Group sharing of your position in real time

Do you want more information?

Download here the Atlantis Moto MAX
brochure with complete information.


About the installation

We take the safety of your motorbike seriously.

Our devices require an installation that is up to the task. It is not a complex installation and if you have knowledge of automotive electricity, even you can do it yourself, there are only three connections (in its basic installation). But make no mistake, the fact that it is well installed and hidden makes it more secure against theft.

That’s why you have to dedicate all the time and effort necessary. We recommend that you get advice from a professional, they know what they are doing. If you want, our distributors will install it for you in such a way that it will go completely unnoticed in the eyes of someone who is looking for it to disconnect.

Consult here our distributors,
official sales points and installers.

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