How to prevent motorbike theft?

¿Cómo evitar el robo de la moto?
For two-wheeled enthusiasts, there is no feeling quite like the freedom a motorbike gives you on the road. However, this passion can be marred by the constant worry that our precious motorbike may be stolen. In this article we look at how you can protect yourself to prevent motorbike theft. Find out how GPS tracking systems can play a vital role in keeping your bike safe.

Choice of parking to avoid motorbike theft

The choice of where you park your motorbike is a key factor in preventing theft. Opting for safe and strategic areas can make all the difference to the security of your vehicle. Here are some important considerations:

  • Lighted and public areas: Parking your bike in well-lit and busy areas is an effective strategy to deter thieves. Criminals prefer darkness and privacy to carry out their actions. By parking in well-lit areas, you reduce the opportunity for thieves and increase the chances that someone will notice suspicious activity.
  • Guarded car parks: If you have the option, choose car parks that have private security or surveillance cameras. Thieves tend to avoid places where they know they could be observed or caught on video. In addition, the presence of security personnel adds an extra layer of protection, which may deter criminals from attempting to steal your bike.
  • Consider the environment: Before parking, observe your surroundings and assess the level of activity and security. Avoid areas where there appears to be criminal activity or where motorbikes are vulnerable due to lack of visibility.
  • Avoid isolated spaces: Whenever possible, avoid parking in isolated places, such as dark alleys or secluded areas. Thieves look for opportunities where they can operate without being seen or interrupted. Parking in crowded places and in public view can be an effective measure to avoid theft.

Anti-theft systems for motorbikes

Our advice is to never leave your bike unlocked and always use one or more security systems. Here are some of the most common and efficient ways to prevent motorbike theft:

  • Motorbike chain. This is one of the most commonly used options, as it is a simple and economical option. It is ideal to combine with other accessories.
  • Disc lock. The disc lock is a security system widely used on motorbikes due to its simplicity, since it is a very light anti-theft device that you can carry anywhere. This system is in charge of blocking the motorbike’s brake disc, thus preventing the wheel from turning.
  • Fork. Fork locks also allow you to immobilise your bike in an easy way.
  • Clamp. This is one of the options we recommend the most, in combination with other elements, such as a GPS locator, it can be very effective. And if it has an alarm, even better.

How can a GPS tracker help you if your bike is stolen?

Our experience with more than 15 years in the market, in which we have experienced and recovered many motorbikes with our AtlantisMOTO tracker, we can confirm that the installation of a GPS tracker can make the difference between the loss and the successful recovery of your motorbike in case of theft.

These are some of the features that AtlantisMOTO offers:

  • Two-way communication with your bike. Many locators offer real-time location, but only with AtlantisMOTO you can establish a two-way communication and ask him where he is at any time.
  • Small size for easy concealment. Keeping the device as hidden as possible on your bike is key to making it difficult for a thief.
  • Jammer detection alarm. If a jammer is near your bike your AtlantisMOTO will alert you.
  • Battery disconnection alarm. It will also warn you if they try to disconnect your bike’s battery.
  • Audible siren. If your bike is moved, the alarm will sound to scare off thieves.
  • Security zone exit warning. You can set a security zone, and you will be warned if your motorbike leaves it.

Tip: If you install a locator, do it with the maximum effort, time and dedication to install it, the more you try to make it invisible, the more in your favour. Be wary of quick installation methods, as the less time you spend hiding it, the quicker it will be to uninstall it and therefore it will be of no use to you.

AtlantisMOTO success stories in the event of an attempted robbery

So that you can see for yourself the efficiency of a GPS tracker, here are some real cases in which it was possible to recover the motorbike thanks to having a GPS tracker installed.

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