Active and passive safety features on motorbikes

Elementos de seguridad activa y pasiva

When riding a motorbike, safety should always be a priority. In this article, we will examine the differences between active and passive motorbike safety and how GPS trackers play a key role in both areas.

Active safety: preventing risks in real time

Active safety refers to measures and technologies designed to prevent accidents and dangerous situations in real time while in motion. These measures are intended to prevent the occurrence of incidents and to minimise the risks associated with riding.

In the case of motorbikes, active safety involves using technologies and systems that help the rider avoid collisions, maintain control of the motorbike in various conditions and follow traffic rules to avoid fines and dangerous situations.

Lighting system, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), shock absorbers or stability control are some of the active safety features commonly found on a motorbike.

In the context of GPS trackers for motorbikes, this safety category can include features such as unauthorised movement detection, excessive speed notifications and other measures that help motorcyclists make safer decisions while on the road.


Passive security: rapid response to incidents

Passive safety refers to measures and features designed to minimise harm and protect occupants in the event of an accident or collision. Unlike active safety, which focuses on preventing accidents, passive safety is activated once an accident occurs and aims to reduce injury and impact to vehicle occupants.

In the context of motorbikes, passive safety involves the use of technologies and designs that help absorb impact energy, distribute forces appropriately and provide a buffer zone in the event of a crash.

An approved helmet, airbag or any item of equipment (jackets, trousers, gloves, boots…) are some examples of passive safety elements.

GPS tracker: active and passive safety

A GPS tracker designed specifically for motorbikes is a security solution that integrates both passive and active aspects to ensure the protection of the motorbike and the owner’s peace of mind.

From a passive security perspective, the GPS motorbike tracker acts as a safeguard in adverse situations. In case of theft, loss or any unwanted incident, the passive system comes into play by providing accurate information on the real-time location of the motorbike. This information is crucial for the authorities and the owner, as it increases the chances of recovery and decreases losses.

On the other hand, the GPS motorbike tracker also offers an active safety dimension. Equipped with features such as unauthorised movement detection, the system can generate immediate alerts if the motorbike is moved without the owner’s authorisation. In addition, if the tracker is linked to an alarm system, it can emit audible and visual signals that deter potential thieves and alert those nearby to the situation. This combination of active measures can not only prevent theft, but also act as a preventive element in risky situations.

AtlantisMOTO includes a fall detection system, which sends an SMS message in case of detection of a fall of the motorbike, allowing quick action in case of an accident.


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